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published2 months ago
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Last week we checked out some premium products with top shelf pricing.

However not everyone is willing to spend 50 or 60 bucks on an eighth so today's we're reviewing some items with a lower cost but still decent amounts of THC content... are they worth it?

Let's find out...

Sinaloa Gold from Delta 9 is a hybrid strain with 24% THC and a price tag of $23.50. The price sound great but the dry buds and lack of any aroma levelled off our excitement is this Sinaloa really Gold or more like Brass?

Details over yonder here

GG#4 from Tweed is another budget hybrid with a very mild aroma and flavor. Even though it has 20% THC and price of $22.95 for 3.5 grams, we found it was the same story as most of Tweed's other products - what do I mean? Click below for the full review.

Get the full scoop here

We're in the process of expanding our reviews to include more edibles, extracts and vapes. That means we also tested a beverage from Tweed that is a soda drink infused with THC from the sativa strain Houndstooth. Click below to get the full scoop.

Read the review here

Remember, if you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback, rating and comment so other community members can benefit.

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