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This bud smelled like cheese

published4 months ago
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Today I've got a little bit of everything to share with you.

One smells like cheese.

The second has a gassy herbal aroma.

And the third is a nearly unaltered landrace strain descendant.

So let's dig in...

Big Budda Cheese from Cali is an indica-dominant hybrid with a pungent cheese aroma, nicely trimmed conical buds and over 24% THC content. But is the buzz any good? Check the review for all the details.

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Liiv's Something About Larry is a sativa-dominant flower with gassy herbal aroma, small bright green buds and over 22% THC content. We found this one a bit dry and harsh but with a price of under $24 is it worth checking out?

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Pine Tar Kush from Pure Sunfarms is the descendant of Pakistani landrace strain. It has an herbally aroma, very shaggy buds and less then 19% THC content. They describe it as a limited release flower so should you grab some before is disappears?

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Remember, if you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback, rating and comment so other community members can benefit.

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