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Tasted like watered-down Kool-Aid

published4 months ago
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It's Monday so let's start the week off on a good note...

And what better way then by chatting about the products we've been reviewing the last few days.

Banana Purple Punch from Haven St is a balanced hybrid with an aroma and flavour that reminded us of watered down grape Kool-aid. Not a sweet grape either. The flower is listed with close to 24% THC content, but does that mean you should grab some?

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Citrique by Lowbanks Grow is another hybrid but this one comes at the bargain price of 20 dollars. That's the good news because on the flip side the plant was very dry and harsh... is it worth checking out or should you pass on this one?

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Divvy's Flo was also under 20 dollars but the quality of this flower was definitely superior. It's aroma and flavour reminded us of a mild lemony herbal combination even though the smoke was a bit harsh due to the dryness. Should you grab or pass?

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Remember, if you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback, rating and comment so other community members can benefit.

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