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Potent smell but average experience

published5 months ago
1 min read

Today I'm going to share all the details on a special trial batch sativa from a new company, a classic peppery indica and a pungent hybrid... so let's dig right in.

Tangerine Dream by RC Supply Co. was a trial batch that features a soft orange flavour profile and a price tag under 20 dollars. It might be a tad leafy and shaky but given the price point I feel there's some value here.

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D. Bubba from Pure Sunfarms is a classic indica-dominant strain with a spicy pepper aroma and flavour. This one was dry and harsh but still delivered a strong relaxing high. But is it worth the money?

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Redecan's Lilac Diesel had an incredibly potent aroma that reminded us of musky floral combined with pungent gas. However the experience overall felt rather average in comparison. Find out more in the review.

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