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Do you prefer sour or sweet?

published4 months ago
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Sour or sweet?

For the most part I prefer sweet tasting strains, but sometimes sour is a nice change of pace.

This past week we reviewed Ultra Sour and an organic version of Sour Cookies so I'll share the details with you before the weekend starts.

Let's dig in...

Ultra Sour from Big Bag O Buds is a sativa-dominant flower that smelled like earthy limes and had fresh fluffy buds. However did this product live up to the quality of previous BBOB strains? Find out in the review below.

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Twd's Garlic Jelly is an indica-dominant hybrid that had an aroma similar to garlic chip dip. Unlike Ultra Sour above, this product had rock hard dense buds that were also quite dry. Given the low price can this be overlooked? Find out below.

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Organic Sour Cookies from 1964 is a sativa-dominant cultivar with nicely trimmed buds that were dense but also a tad dry. The aroma reminded us of green sour apples with a mild doughy undertone. This was out first experience with the 1964 brand... how did it go? Find out below.

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Remember, if you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback, rating and comment so other community members can benefit.

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