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This week, we're navigating through the unique aromas and flavours of Tantalus Labs' Coastal Sage and taking a critical look at Versus' Death Star. Plus, have you ever wondered why some weed strains have that distinct skunky aroma? We've got answers!

Tantalus Labs Coastal Sage: A Symphony of Flavours 🎢🌿 Join us as we unearth the delightful blend of Coastal Sageβ€”a sativa-dominant hybrid that promises to be a cut above the rest. From its unique lineage to its intriguing aroma, we dive deep to unravel the wonders of this strain. Is it truly a standout in the crowded cannabis landscape? Dive in to find out. Read the full review.​

Versus Death Star: Before You Light Up, Read Up! 🌟πŸ’₯ At first glance, Versus' Death Star, with its impressive lineage, might seem like the perfect pick. But hold on a moment! We've done the groundwork and dissected every aspect of this strain to give you a comprehensive look. Before making your purchase, get all the intel you need right here. Read the full review.​

The Skunky Scent Mystery Unraveled πŸ” Ever caught a whiff of cannabis and thought of... skunks? If you've pondered why certain weed strains emit that distinctive aroma, you're in for a treat. Join us as we dive into the science and a groundbreaking 2021 discovery that sheds light on this unique scent. Learn more here.​

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