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BIG Announcement

published3 months ago
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I've got some exciting news to share with you... has been changed to

We feel this more inclusive name better represents the community as a whole so as of today the old Cannibros website will automatically redirect to

All the content is still there and nothing changes with how we do our reviews... except the name.

Oh and we've added several new features into the site...

For example, the strain pages now include more details:

And so do the brand pages:

We're just getting started and have several more improvements on the way.

In the meantime, if you have any issues or notice a bug on the site please send us a message so I can have it fixed.

But enough about that...let's dig into the reviews for this week.

Golden Craft Berry from Mood Ring is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet-spicy aroma and flavour. The buds were thickly covered in trichomes but you could still see the purple specks beneath. So is this berry strain worth checking out?

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Ice Cream Cake from Big Bag O Buds is an indica-dominant hybrid with dank earthy aroma and flavour that is unique to the strain. The buds were dark and sticky but did have some excess leaf that should have been removed. How does this product compare to others from the BBOB brand?

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The Very Happy Kit is a smell-proof and waterproof case designed to store all of your smoke accessories. It included:

  • Unbleached rolling papers with filters
  • Aluminium 4-piece grinder
  • Glass pipe with choke
  • 1 1/4" Joint Tube
  • Concentrate straw with poker
  • Concentrate container

Sounds nice, but is this smokers kit worth the money?

Read the review here

Remember, if you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback, rating and comment so other community members can benefit.

In your corner,