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Another Powdered Donuts product

published5 months ago
1 min read

It feels like we've been on a sweet-kick lately with strains like the delicious Blue Dream and sugary Powdered Donuts.

This theme continues today with a pair of indica-dominant flowers that both sound good enough to eat.

First up is another version of Powdered Donuts but this one is from Tweed... it's a sweet tasting smoke with crispy buds and a sugary layer of trichomes. I feel like we've been hard on this brand in the past, can they turn things around with this product?

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Wedding Cake from Wink is another indica with a flavour profile that combines sour, tangy and earthy accents. Even though this one delivered a nice high, we felt you could still get better for the money... see why in the review.

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We grind up a remarkable amount of bud over the course of a month. I personally don't like coffee grinders because they turn the flower to dust and I'm not a fan of scissors because of the quantity. So if you're curious about the grinder we use then this one is for you.

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If you've already tried these products be sure to leave your feedback and rating so other community members can benefit.

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